The passion for cooking runs deep with The Caterers Kitchen. Our food has a distinctly Mediterranean flavor with undertones from Persian cuisine. The founders have over 40+ years experience in the hospitality, food, and bar industries. Our team will provide you with the most delicious food and the very best of service from first call to day after your event! 



Ali Teymouri

Chef Ali’s love of cooking began at an early age and has since transformed into a dynamic, lifelong process of creating and loving food. Years ago as a child in his mother’s kitchen, Ali started his culinary adventures by helping his mother cook traditional Persian dishes. It was then that he first learned how rewarding it is to create quality dishes with fresh ingredients. He eventually desired to transition from not only cooking food at home, but to also become an active participant in the food service industry.


From his first job as a teenager flipping burgers to now owner of The Caterers Kitchen, Ali has truly worked his way up from the bottom and acted in many roles along the way including cook, busboy, host, server, bartender, expeditor, and manager. In all of these roles and here now with The Caterers Kitchen, Ali has remained committed to quality and will go the extra mile to exceed his clients’ expectations. He knows first hand about the importance of quality ingredients and the time it takes to cook delicious food and will not take shortcuts in his cooking. By combining his Persian culinary roots with his self-taught cooking expertise, Chef Ali and his cuisine are sure to please any client looking for unique, delicious, and high quality food.

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